What we hope to achieve by the power of the Holy Ghost

To ensure that our children identify their dreams and potentials early, and ensure they fulfill their dreams and we send them as lights to impact their world.

To ensure that men and women find their purpose and fulfill their purpose in life To ensure that we reach our immediate community with Christ and win our land for Christ.

To ensure that our community is healed and saved for Christ

To stop social injustice and oppression in our community with the Gospel

To provide and contribute to providing a better future for our community 

To help in reducing youth crime, gun crime and violence in our community

To help bring hope to families in our community and change them to Christ-like mindset

To support charitable works in our community and globally (Matthew 25:35-40)

To become a voice, bringing about hope and becoming a change agent for the world

To host life-changing programmes and workshops to meet the needs of our community at large